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F, b. March 1876
Sophia YAEGER|b. Mar 1876|p68.htm#i917|Carl (Charles) YAEGER|b. 1849\nd. 15 Jun 1904|p67.htm#i793|Elizabeth MARTIN|b. 1860\nd. 1890|p35.htm#i771|||||||Konrad W. MARTIN|b. 6 May 1836\nd. 1 Nov 1913|p36.htm#i389|Emilie SCHIRMER|b. 19 Nov 1838\nd. 26 Dec 1897|p49.htm#i400|
     Sophia YAEGER was born in March 1876 at Wisconsin. She was the daughter of Carl (Charles) YAEGER and Elizabeth MARTIN. Sophia YAEGER married Almon NORTON in 1892.

Child of Sophia YAEGER and Almon NORTON

Wilhelmina YONKLE

F, b. 23 May 1870, d. 28 September 1928
     Wilhelmina YONKLE was born on 23 May 1870. She married Herman MARTIN, son of Konrad William MARTIN and Emilie SCHIRMER, on 21 February 1895. Wilhelmina YONKLE died on 28 September 1928 at age 58.

Child of Wilhelmina YONKLE and Herman MARTIN


F, b. 1775
     Anna ZIEGLER was born in 1775.

Children of Anna ZIEGLER and Johann Jacob MUSSER

Maria Anna ZILLICH

F, b. 27 July 1802, d. 16 February 1862
     Maria Anna ZILLICH was born on 27 July 1802 at Doringstadt, Bavaria. Germany. She married Andreas AMON, son of Johann Georg AMON, on 22 October 1838 at Döringstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Maria Anna ZILLICH died on 16 February 1862 at Döringstadt, Bavaraia, Germany, at age 59.

Child of Maria Anna ZILLICH and Andreas AMON

Estella ZIMMER

F, b. 1910, d. 1934
Estella ZIMMER|b. 1910\nd. 1934|p68.htm#i1422|George B. ZIMMER|b. 1880\nd. 1944|p68.htm#i639|Regina M. WAGNER|b. Oct 1885\nd. 1955|p61.htm#i248|||||||Andrew WAGNER|b. 24 Aug 1850\nd. 4 May 1922|p58.htm#i225|Mary C. MUSSER|b. 30 Jul 1852\nd. 3 Aug 1888|p42.htm#i238|
     Estella ZIMMER was born in 1910. She was the daughter of George B. ZIMMER and Regina M. WAGNER. Estella ZIMMER died in 1934.

George B. ZIMMER

M, b. 1880, d. 1944
     George B. ZIMMER was born in 1880. He married Regina M. WAGNER, daughter of Andrew WAGNER and Mary C. MUSSER, in 1908. George B. ZIMMER died in 1944.

Child of George B. ZIMMER and Regina M. WAGNER

Magdalena Mary ZIMMER

F, b. 19 March 1874, d. 6 February 1963
     Magdalena Mary ZIMMER was born on 19 March 1874. She died on 6 February 1963 at age 88.

Children of Magdalena Mary ZIMMER and Philip WAGNER